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The leading company in location-based services

providing retargeting of 1:1 audience builds without cookies

offering world-class retail performance advertising and analysis.

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Unprecedented targeting insight with astounding targeting precision

Digital Advertising

Build a digital audience with the industry’s highest Click Through Rate.

User IDs that are thoroughly scrubbed, verified, and updated each month.

Self-service platform can look back over 12 months to collect data from any location.

Traffic Analysis

Anonymously detect, identify, and capture the volume, time and locations of people.

Attain invaluable information to better help you predict future consumer activity.

Produce powerful retail insights, consumer behaviors, and trends.

About Us

While others have migrated from desktop marketing, mobile has always been at the forefront of our development.  PEAK Targeting has concentrated on providing the most accurate data on mobile traffic, leveraging data and technology to help our partners meet their business goals. Our patented processes categorize, verifies, and filters billions of location-based data points, providing clear and actionable direction for your marketing plan.  PEAK Targeting leads the industry for business marketing and analysis that is more efficient, more rationalized, and with less expense.

Geoframe your data

Capture & identify mobile devices that were in a target area over a specific time period.

Easy to determine behaviors of Visitors, Buyers, and Tourists

Provides the highest quality and accuracy of targets, period!

Merge mobile & home address


Our tech ties mobile devices to household addresses anonymously always keeping PII paramount.

Convert mobile ID’s to home addresses or vice-versa.

Attain unprecedented insights into consumer behavior.

Detailed attribution Reports

Instantly make sense of marketing plans and ascertain actionable direction.

Customized reports display the most meaningful data.

Access “at-a-glance” interactive charts, or view deep analytics.

Accurately scrubbed data

Patented technology for collecting, scrubbing, and normalizing data.

Fake users and inactive devices are effectively removed monthly.

Only verified mobile IDs are used to feed our audiences, reports, and custom charts.

We leverage data and technology to help our partners meet their business goals

Number of U.S. Patents

Billion call records processed every day

Ave number of data points per user collected each day

Million unique active users in our database

Hear it from some of our customers…

Todd M

CTO & Co-Founder, TO

Just what they said.  Fresh data that beat the competition in CTRs and Attribution.  Their customer support and tech assistance is invaluable to us.  Highly recommended.

Robert O

Ad Ops Director, DL

Setup was a breeze.  Easy to use self-service interface we hit the ground running.  Accuracy is a key factor for us and OnSpot provides that and much more.

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