Imagine being able to know who was at your customer’s location, or even their competitor’s location last week, last month or last quarter?  Where did they shop?  Where did they go?

Using patented technology of Geoframing retrieves device ID’s with tags and date range going back as far as 12 months.  The data can be queried in the database and a report can be generated on the mobile devices seen in those geographic locations (s) during the specifically requested time period.   This allows you to retarget those devices with the desired messaging.  Without cookies for as long as that device is in inventory!  Not just up to 30 days lik the way current cookies work.  We can even re-target 6+ months!!!

How you can use Geoframing

Geoframe your competitors –  You can capture device ID’s of the smartphones visiting businesses that compete with you.  In other words, reach out to buying intenders.

Points of Interest –  You can geoframe specific points of interest, relevant to your business.

Convention or event –  We can provide target mobile ids of attendees of past events  and wedo it WITHOUT cookies.



Attribution Reporting

With our attribution reporting, you can prove advertising success.  You can easily show your clients where and specifically who has been targeted.  You also can demonstrate clear results by showing who actually responded and came to your client’s location.  And because PEAK Targeting’s target accuracy is second to none, you will see attribution percentages significantly higher than with any other traditional marketing.

How Attribution Reports can improve your ROI

Make your messaging work – Measure the effectiveness of your advertising by looking at real time data, allowing you to easily determine what works, and what doesn’t.

Who responds to what – Generate reports that reveal the demographic characteristics and trigger points that produce the best customer response.

Advertise more effectively – Instantly view and understand the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, measure in-store visits by time or day, and how the results relate to various demographic criteria.


You can build your own audiences based on where they live and the demographics of your choosing.  Filter your audience criteria from 185 categories including annual income, age, marital status, level of education, and specific interests.

Quick Select

With just 3 clicks you can build a specific audience.  Simply pick a business name or category, geographic area, and date range.   Within minutes you’ll have all the geoframes created and ready for use.  The business database is updated each 30 days to guarantee accuracy.

Merge Home Addresses with Mobile Devices

Our patented technology ties mobile devices to residential addresses anonymously.  With strict PII guidelines, we combine the data with commercial, retail, and third-party sources creating a custom profile and unprecedented insights into consumer behavior.  With one click you can quickly increase the size of your audience by merging all household devices including the spouse’s phone, the company phone, tablets, etc.  Translate home addresses and CRM data to mobile ID’s and vice versa.

Gain Consumer Behavior Insights

Knowledge is key.  Knowing where your buyers have been can provide insights never before possible.

CRM Data Appends

Convert home address, voter registration lists, and CRM data to mobile IDs and IP addresses for targeted digital and direct mail campaigns.

Data Scrubbed for Absolute Accuracy

Our “invented here” patented technology for gathering and scrubbing data is made possible with our matching algorithms which have been proven and enhanced over 5 years.  After hundreds of tests and thousands of external audits, we’re very proud that our data accuracy is the best in the industry.

Only the data matters… Nothing else –  The PEAK Targeting consumes over 30 Billion records each day.  The data is cleansed, then the device IDs and location records are validated before becoming available to feed our attribution reports.

Normal is good!  The data is normalized using the most advanced probability and statistical methods to predict the most likely consumer behaviors.

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